2007-10-28 - Lufthansa resultsLufthansa reports top results

Gewinnsteigerung bei Lufthansa<br /> The Lufthansa Group increased operating profit in the first nine months of the year by 57 per cent to 1.1 billion euros.

Neither the high oil price, nor the turmoil on the international financial markets during the past months and the hard-fought competition have had any negative impact on the business of the Lufthansa Group. "We expect an operating result around 1.3 billion euros for the full year", announced Lufthansa Chairman and CEO Wolfgang Mayrhuber when presenting the third quarter figures. That would represent a new record in terms of profit for the Lufthansa Group. "The result provides us with a solid foundation to strengthen our position against the competition and precisely that is our aim", added Mayrhuber. "We want to make Lufthansa even more valuable to our shareholders and more attractive for our customers."
The success in the third quarter was again marked by positive results in all of the business segments. The business segments continue to implement the Group's strategy with a clear orientation towards profitability and the respective core competences. In the Group's key business segment, Passenger Airlines, SWISS has been fully consolidated in the Group accounts as of July this year and like the Lufthansa passenger airlines, the Swiss airline is poised for growth. The Group's airlines have ordered some 170 new aircraft valued at a list price of around 14 billion euros. This represents an essential contribution to environmental protection pointed out Mayrhuber adding that, "fuel-efficient aircraft and modern, environmentally sound technology remain our trademark and we intend to continue setting the standards in this regard."

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