Luftwaffe orders Cassidian's Eurofighter mission planning system

Cassidian will supply a new computer-based mission planning system for the German Air Force’s Eurofighter aircraft.


Cassidian liefert ein Flugplanungssysstem für den Eurofighter an die Luftwaffe (Foto: Cassidian).  


The German procurement authority BAAINBw (Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support) placed an order with the company for approximately 15 million euros to deliver the mission planning system for the Eurofighter locations at Laage, Nörvenich, Wittmund and Neuburg.

“This mission planning system guarantees a near-realtime and secure synchronisation of all relevant data before and after a mission,” explained Dr. Rolf Wirtz, head of Mission Avionics at Cassidian. “This significantly increases the safety of the pilots and the efficiency of the operation. In addition, this order and its implementation within Germany will give the Luftwaffe the option of working in close cooperation with Cassidian, to express their specific needs and to contribute their ideas to the development of the system.”

The mission planning system is required to plan safe flight paths and missions, to display them on digital maps and to maintain real-time contact with military command. In this context, account is taken of civil air movements, weather data and any threats along the flight path. Events during the mission are recorded and are then evaluated subsequently.

Cassidian already supplies a mission planning system for all helicopters of the German Army Aviation Corps. This means that the Bundeswehr is now a step closer to its objective of equipping all of its flying platforms with basically the same planning system and to thus reduce costs.

FLUG REVUE 06/2018


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