First Flight NewsMil Mi-28UB

On 9 August 2013 the Mi-28UB performed its maiden demonstration flight at the flight test centre of Rostvertol, which is part of Russian Helicopters.

Mi-28UB Erstflug

Die Mi-28UB wurde am 9. Augsut 2013 erstmals bei Rostvertol im Flug demonstriert (Foto: Russian Helicopters).  


Mi-28UB is a special helicopter with a dual control system that can be used in Mi-28NE pilot training, while at the same time retaining all the functionality of an attack helicopter.

It is worth nothing that the Mi-28NE, Mi-26 (T) and Mi-35M helicopters are also manufactured at this plant. Soon the Mi-28UB will be delivered to the Zhukovsky airfield in Moscow suburb where MAKS 2013 will be held. This will be the first time that this helicopter model is presented to the public: the Mi-28UB will be located on a static stand of Russian Helicopters.

Designing the Mi-28UB has been tailored to client requirements, first and foremost the Russian Ministry of Defence. This modification is to be used to train military pilots who need flight practice on Mi-28NЕ Night Hunter helicopters. At the same time, the Mi-28UB can perform all the functions of an attack helicopter, including search and destroy operations against enemy equipment and manpower and low-speed targets at any time of day or night in both favourable and complex weather conditions.

The major difference between the new Mi-28UB and the Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopter is the dual hydromechanical flight control system. Thanks to this innovation, the helicopter can be operated both from the pilot’s cockpit and the flight instructor’s cockpit. The area of the flight instructor’s cockpit has been increased, with an expansion in the pilot canopy and change to the configuration of the energy-absorbing seats.

The new Mi-28UB helicopter will improve significantly and render more effective training of pilots of Mi-28NE Night Hunter helicopters, which are supplied to the Russian air force, and may be offered for export. The Mi-28UB retains the full potential of an attack helicopter and offers the same level of service as the Mi-28NE Night Hunter attack helicopters.

FLUG REVUE 11/2018


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