20070603 - MTU PolenMTU factory in Rzeszów

Triebwerkshersteller expandiert in Osteuropa<br /> MTU Aero Engines is going to build a new foreign location in Rzeszów, in the southeast of Poland. This has been decided by the board of management of Germany's leading engine manufacturer today.

The new site is intended to develop, manufacture and repair engine components. MTU will invest about 50 million euros in the new company within the next three years, which will be named MTU Aero Engines Polska. Starting in 2011, the cost advantages of the new facility will add some 15 million euros annually to the group's earnings. The decision still needs approval by the MTU supervisory board.  
Construction of the new factory will begin in autumn of this year, and production is scheduled to be launched in early 2009. Initially, the company will have about 100 employees, their number being expected to rise to about 400 by 2012. The new plant in Poland will focus on the development and production of rotor and stator blades for low-pressure turbines, assembly work on low-pressure turbines, and parts repair. Rzeszów is within easy reach through its international airport and proximity to the other MTU facilities. "The new location already has a well-developed industrial environment that includes further aviation companies and a large potential of qualified, skilled workers. But our intention is not just shifting work to Poland," says MTU CEO Udo Stark. "Our major goal is to generate further growth through this new location. Our high-tech activities will remain in Germany," emphasized Stark.

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