Munich Airport supervisory board calls for rapid implementation of third runway project

The Supervisory Board of FMG, the Munich Airport operating company, has warmly welcomed the ruling in the planning permission process in favor of Munich Airport's third runway, including the conditions for the protection of the airport's neighbors and the surrounding region.

The entire Supervisory Board, including the employee representatives, unanimously approved a statement calling for the prompt implementation of the planning approval decision. This course of action is necessary to eliminate the capacity bottlenecks already arising today and steadily worsening and to enable the airport to cope with the traffic volume anticipated in the coming years.

The board added that the rapid realization of the third runway would allow the airport to continue with its successful development, including all of its positive economic effects.

The Supervisory Board welcomed and reaffirmed the decision by the FMG Executive Board to refrain from exercising its right to implement the planning approval decision immediately pending a review by the top Bavarian administrative court.

In addition, the Supervisory Board stressed that FMG will finance the third runway with its own earnings, and will not require public funds to implement the project.

FLUG REVUE 02/2018


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