PARS 3 LR for Tiger completes final firing campaign

The successful conclusion of the PARS 3LR guided missile´s release firings fulfilled an important prerequisite for the series production of the German Tiger´s main armament.

PARS 3 LR Meppen Schuss

Das Abnahmeschießen für den PARS 3 LR am Tiger fand 2012 in Meppen statt (Foto: Diehl Defence).  


A direct hit of the target moving between two house walls marked the conclusion of a challenging firing campaign. The firing from the support helicopter Tiger took place on September 20, 2012 at the Defence Technology Center 91 in Meppen.

Following the formal approval by the Federal Agency for Equipment, Information Technology and Utilization of the German Armed Forces, the manufacture of all 680 guided missiles agreed to in the contract with the prime contractor PARSYS GmbH can begin soon.

The program company PARSYS GmbH is a joint venture of Diehl and MBDA Deutschland. Diehl Defence supplies the guided missile´s image-processing target seeker head.

According to the manufacturer, PARS 3LR is presently the best performing fire & forget guided missile system capable of engaging different targets. Emerging from its safe cover for only a few seconds during the firing process, the helicopter is capable of engaging several targets simultaneously in salvo firing.

The far-ranging missile pursues and engages targets autonomously, while the helicopter can change its position or pursue other mission objectives. PARS 3LR features a unique system enhancing the German Armed Forces´ capability to prevail and survive.

The scheduled procurement is an important contribution to technology preservation in the German defence industry, Diehl Defence has said.

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