2008-05-25 - Premier II launchedPremier II launched at EBACE

Neuer Geschäftsreisejet von Hawker Beechcraft<br /> Hawker Beechcraft launched the newest member of its family busienss jets—the new Beechcraft Premier II light business jet. Evolving from the highly successful Premier IA, the Premier II will feature higher cruise speeds, a 20 percent longer range with four passengers and an increased payload while still offering the largest cabin and most technologically advanced single-pilot business jet in the world.

The Premier II will be a twin turbofan, swept wing, light jet aircraft featuring a high-strength, state-of-the-art all-composite fuselage that allows for a medium-jet sized cabin at light jet costs. Featuring luxurious and comfortable standard seating for up to six passengers and their baggage, the Premier II will deliver more people to more locations, more efficiently and in more comfort than any other light jet.
At the heart of these major aircraft advancements will be a pair of FJ44-3AP turbofan engines, the newest member of the Williams International engine family. These highly efficient, ultra powerful engines will produce 6,000 pounds of combined thrust—an increase of more than 23 percent from the Premier IA. Combined with new elliptical winglets, the new-generation engines will allow the Premier II to climb higher to an unrestricted, chart-topping maximum cruising altitude of 45,000 feet (13,716 m) and fly farther—a 1,500 nm (2,778 km) mission with one pilot and four passengers. The 4,000-foot operating ceiling boost also puts passengers well above most traffic and weather, allowing them to enjoy the smoothest ride and arrive at their destination faster. Simply put, the Premier II will save owners and operators time and money.
The higher thrust engines will also improve high/hot take-off operations and increase maximum cruise speed to 465 knots (861 km/hr) at typical cruise altitudes. The time to climb to FL370 will improve from 17 minutes to 14 minutes, ensuring more efficient ATC operations and direct routing. The maximum gross take-off weight (MGTOW) will also increase from the 12,500 pound (5,670 kg) limit found on the Premier IA to 13,800 pounds (6,260 kg), allowing operators to carry more than 900 pounds of payload with full fuel. More payload and range mean more flexibility and capability for owners without the higher acquisition and operating costs of a larger jet.
Hawker Beechcraft said that the number of commitments for the recently announced new Beechcraft Premier II has grown to more than 70 positions, including more than 40 firm orders. "The customer response has been fantastic. Those who have experienced a Premier know that they are flying or operating a true breakthrough aircraft," said Brad Hatt, Hawker Beechcraft president, Commercial Aircraft. "The Premier's unmistakable comfort, now combined with a phenomenal boost in performance, makes the Premier II an airplane pilots and companies can't wait to own and operate."

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