2007-04-22 RR Ops center DahlewitzRolls-Royce opens operations centre in Dahlewitz

Service-Zentrum in Dahlewitz eingeweiht<br /> By opening an Operations Centre at its Dahlewitz location, Rolls-Royce Deutschland is further boosting its customer service. The Operations Centre will function as a central point of contact for the users of engines maintained by Rolls-Royce Deutschland and will combine all the technical and logistics functions involved in supporting them.

Over the last few years the number of engines maintained from Dahlewitz has risen significantly: today over 6,500 Tay, Spey and Dart engines and engines in the BR700 and V2500 series are in service around the world. Dr. Michael Haidinger, Chairman of Rolls-Royce Deutschland, said during the opening ceremony, "The new Operations Centre represents a further investment in the steadily growing service potential of Rolls-Royce. The high number of engines maintained by Rolls-Royce Deutschland calls for an integrated approach to customer support. In the new Operations Centre, our service specialists will be working in the best possible conditions. In this way we will be able to ensure that our customers in every part of the world get the best performance from their engines. We shall be offering them an individual service at world-class level."
The centrepiece of the Operations Centre is the newly established Operations Room. This is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the recording and analysis of engine data. Dahlewitz is the third Rolls-Royce location after Derby and Bristol in the UK at which an Operations Centre has been set up.

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