RUAG hands over first Do 228NG

The first Do 228NG (New Generation) was handed over today in Oberpfaffenhofen to the Japanese customer New Central Airservice (NCA). At the same time, RUAG announced an order for a Do 228NG Special Mission for the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

Dornier 228 NG Japan

Am 23. September 2010 lieferte RUAG in Oberpfaffenhofen die erste Do 228NG aus (Foto: RUAG).  


As from October 2010 the Do 228NG S/N 8300 will start regional transport services in Japan, ensuring air connection between the city of Tokyo and offshore islands with short runways. New Central Airservice has been operating three Do 228-212 aircraft for more than ten years and ordered the new aircraft for relaunch. “We are very satisfied with the Do 228. It is an excellent aircraft and ideal for the demanding geographic conditions on site“, said Tetsuro Mori, owner of the airline.

On the occasion of the aircraft handover in Oberpfaffenhofen RUAG Aviation also announced the receipt of an order to build a Do 228NG Special Mission version for the German Navy. Due to state-of-the-art sensor systems, the Do 228NG aircraft will be capable of detecting environmental pollutions in the North and Baltic Seas even more effectively and making it easier to identify their causers.

To enhance detection of oil slicks, the Do 228NG Special Mission version gets new efficient sensors, among others a side-looking airborne radar SLAR, colour line and IR/UV line scanners as well as an electro-optical sensor. The mission equipment is completed by an advanced operator workstation enabling ergonomic control of the sensors, with editing and display of all collected data. The SATCOM system allows in-flight transmittal of these data to other mission forces.

The Do 228NG is a completely modernized and enhanced version of the Do 228-212 which was built until 1999. Fuselage, wings and tail unit are manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in Kanpur (India) and transported to Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich where RUAG Aviation carries out aircraft final assembly, integration of customized equipment, product conformity inspection and aircraft delivery.

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