RUAG Space has new cleanrooms for space production

RUAG Space recently brought into operation an additional 400 square meters of cleanroom facilities for the production of satellite instruments and electro-optical systems at its location in Zurich-Seebach.

“We invested around three million Swiss francs in these new cleanrooms, which provide us with an excellent infrastructure for both current and future projects,” said Axel Deich, Head of RUAG Space Switzerland, during the official inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, February 9. “Our extremely demanding assignments in the fields of laser communication and scientific instruments for satellites will be the primary beneficiaries of this outlay,” he continued.

From start to finish, it took just seven months to build the facilities, which are located in what was formerly the site’s raw materials store. They are designed so that each stage of production – from parts assembly to measurements in the vacuum chamber – can be completed without the components ever having to leave the cleanrooms. There are only one or two such facilities in the world.

The Zurich-Seebach facilities comprise one ISO Class 8 cleanroom that covers approximately 100 square meters, one similar-sized ISO Class 6.5 cleanroom, and four ISO Class 5 cleanrooms each roughly 40 square meters in area. The Class 5 rooms boast a maximum permissible particle count of 100 particles per cubic foot. For the sake of comparison, a human being produces around 300,000 particles a minute when sitting down, and as many as three million when walking slowly.

FLUG REVUE 05/2018


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