2008-06-01 - Gripen Demo fliesSaab Gripen Demo makes maiden flight

Erstlfug des Gripen-Versuchsträgers in Linköping<br /> On 27 May, the Gripen Domo flew for the first time in good weather from Saab´s airfield in Linköping. Maximum altitude for the first flight was 6,400 meters and maximum speed was 320 knots. "Everything went according to plan.

Gripen-Demo - Erstflug



The Gripen Demo is more powerful compared to earlier versions of Gripen but is just as easily flown. We look forward to continuing the test programme at the same high pace as up to now." says test pilot Mikael Seidl, who together with his colleague Magnus Ljungdahl crewed the first flight.
The Gripen Demo aircraft is a flying test platform for the next generation of Gripen and for the further development of present versions. The aircraft will test and develop many of the essential systems and capabilities that will be applied to the Gripen NG (Next Generation) design, such as: a more powerful engine; an active electronically scanned (AESA) radar; communication systems; electronic warfare and weapons development. The Gripen Demo is not just the first step towards a new Gripen – it is driving the development of new technology for existing Gripen customers and for other applications. The Demo aircraft is a platform for technology insertion for the whole Gripen family. It reassures any customer buying Gripen today that they will be able to upgrade and enhance their aircraft when needed.

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