2008-06-22 - Satellite revenue upSatellite revenues jump 16 per cent in 2007

Wachstum im Satellitengeschäft<br /> The Satellite Industry Association (SIA) released its 2008 State of the Satellite Industry Report, showing a 16 percent growth in global revenues for the commercial satellite industry. Worldwide revenues in 2007 were $123 billion, representing an average annual growth of 11.5 percent for the period from 2002-2007.

SIA commissioned the Futron Corporation to conduct its eleventh annual State of the Satellite Industry Report. Futron polled over 70 satellite companies to determine aggregate revenue, employment, and output indicators. The study results include indicators for each major segment of the satellite industry including satellite manufacturing, launch industry, satellite services, and ground equipment manufacturing. The study was released at the ISCe 2008 International Conference and Expo in San Diego, California.
"The satellite industry showed steady growth in 2007, with satellite services, launch industry and ground equipment revenues all posting almost 20 percent growth over last year," SIA President Patricia Cooper stated. "Consumer demand for satellite television and satellite radio continues to drive both services and equipment revenues, but we're also seeing steady performance in satellite transponder services and mobile applications." she added. Satellite services revenues continued to drive the overall industry, with a 60 percent total share of industry revenues. Detailed findings of the report indicate that: Satellite services revenues grew more than 18 percent, with satellite television contributing nearly three-quarters of the $73.9 billion in 2007 satellite services revenues; launch services revenue grew to $3.2 billion in 2007, increasing nearly 19 percent from 2006; strong sales in consumer hardware resulted in a 19 percent rise in ground equipment revenues over the previous year, posting 2007 revenues of $34.3 billion; more satellites were launched in 2007 than in 2006, but satellite manufacturing revenues dipped slightly from $11.6 billion, reflecting a higher number of microsatellites launched.

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