Second Galileo-FOC satellite is being put to the environmental test at ESA’s test centre

After its successful integration and functional test at OHB System AG, the second Galileo-FOC satellite of the future European navigation system was delivered to the ESA test centre in Noorwijk/Netherlands last Friday.

Within the next weeks the satellite will be put through a test phase  with various system tests.

The first FOC-satellite „Doresa“ has been in Noordwijk since mid May and it has successfully passed its tests so far, e.g. the acoustic noise test simulating later heavy vibrations during its launching phase. This was followed by an alignment determination to verify the correct antennae alignment.

During environmental testing, the satellite is also put into a thermal vacuum chamber and then exposed to hot and cold temperatures invacuum to test its functional capability under space conditions.

Prior to being delivered to the test centre, the third and fourth Galileo-FOC satellites, „Adam“ and „Anastasia“, are currently being integrated and tested in the clean rooms at OHB in Bremen.
The Galileo satellites have been named after children who won a painting competition advertised by the European Commission in 2011.

„Milena“ is the second of an overall series of 22 Galileo* FOC satellites being manufactured by OHB System and their industrial partners.

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