2008-02-03 - ASTA second phaseSecond Tranche of ASTA Programme launched

Eurofighter-Simulatorprogramm in zweiter Phase<br /> Following signature of the Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids (ASTA) Supplement 5 agreement between Eurofighter GmbH and NETMA on 13 December 2007, last week marked the formal launch of the contract.

Supplement 5 of Procurement Contract 7 within the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) framework represents Tranche 2 for the ASTA programme and is the enabler for the next batch of 15 ASTA devices to be delivered to the four partner Air Forces.
The Supplement 5 simulators will incorporate a new state-of-the-art visual system with improved performance, resolution and visual effects features. The devices will also include new sub-systems, for example an auto-calibration system. The new features will not only improve the fidelity of the system but will also lower the maintenance costs.
The package consists of nine Full Mission Simulators (FMS) and six Enhanced Cockpit Trainers/Interactive Pilot Stations (CT/IPS-E). These new training devices will complement those already installed at existing Main Operating Bases (MOB) and, in addition, will go to new sites thus opening up an unmatched training capability at all Eurofighter Typhoon locations:
In the final quarter of 2008, the initial Design, Development and Demonstration work will be completed culminating in the acceptance of the full ASTA standard. In parallel, the ASTA team will negotiate a Training Sustainability package with the four partner Air Forces. This first in-service upgrade will enhance the functionality of the ASTA devices, utilising the real weapon system code, and maintaining a training capability commensurate with the real aircraft. The aim is have the ASTA upgrades within a maximum of three months after availability on the aircraft at the MOBs.

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