2007-06-17 - Shuttle ISS workShuttle astronauts hard at work at ISS

Computerausfall auf der Raumstation<br /> ISS Mission Specialist Suni Williams set the record for the longest-duration single spaceflight by a woman. The workday schedule for Williams and her crewmates is filled with cargo transfers, spacewalk preparations and the Joint Crew News Conference.

Williams passed the previous record of 188 days, 4 hours.
Efforts to bring the Russian navigation computers back to full operation continued Saturday. Friday, Russian flight controllers and the station crew were able to power-up two lanes of the Russian Central Computer and two lanes of the Terminal Computer by using a jumper cable to bypass a faulty secondary power switch. Flight controllers began sending commands overnight to restart some systems. The Central Computer is now communicating with the U.S. command and control computer, and the Terminal Computer is communicating with U.S. navigation computers.
On Friday, Mission Specialists Jim Reilly and Danny Olivas worked outside the station for 7 hours, 58 minutes and completed all their planned tasks. Olivas spent two hours stapling and pinning down a thermal blanket on Atlantis' orbital maneuvering system pod. A 4-by-6-inch corner of the blanket peeled up during the shuttle's launch last week. Meanwhile, Reilly installed the hydrogen vent valve of a new oxygen generation system on the Destiny laboratory. The system will separate oxygen from water to provide breathing air, while dumping the remaining component – hydrogen – overboard.
When those tasks were completed, the two astronauts joined forces with their colleagues inside the shuttle and station and flight controllers in Houston to complete the delicate process of folding an older solar array so that it can be moved from its temporary location to its permanent home during a shuttle mission this fall. The retraction sequence today required 28 commands, bringing the total for the retraction to 45.
The crew of Space Shuttle Atlantis officially was welcomed by the International Space Station crew on Sunday at 4:20 CDT with handshakes and hugs. Shuttle Commander Rick Sturckow was the first to enter the station followed soon after by the rest of the STS-117 crew. The shuttle and space station docked at 2:36 p.m. CDT while traveling 220 miles above the northeast coast of Australia. Atlantis' stay is planned for seven days of joint operations. Hatch opening between the two spacecraft occurred at 4:04 p.m. CDT.

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