2008-11-24 - Cyclone flies at SikorskySikorsky CH-148 Cyclone flies

Erstflug der S-92-Version für Kanada<br /> The first CH-148 Cyclone helicopter, which is being developed by Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. for the Canadian government as a replacement for its long-serving SEA KING helicopter fleet, has completed its first flight successfully at Sikorskys Development Flight Center in Florida.

CH-148-Erstflug Bild (Standa

Sikorsky CH-148 makes its first flight on 15 November 2008 (Photo: Sikorsky).  


The flight occurred Saturday, Nov. 15. Steered by Sikorsky Test Pilots John Armbrust and Rick Becker using state-of-the-art, fly-by-wire technology, the aircraft hovered and accomplished low-speed handling tasks including forward flight at speeds reaching 30 knots, and sideward and rearward maneuvers. The helicopter, Tail No. 801, will continue to undergo a series of increasingly demanding flight tests leading up to certification and production deliveries.
Sikorsky will build 28 CH-148 helicopters for the Canadian government.  The CH-148 helicopter will be a world leader in sophistication and capability for maritime helicopters, said Program Manager Dan Hunter. Todays successful first flight represents a huge milestone, transitioning the program from the prototype build to the flight test stage. The aircraft performed beautifully, easily achieving each maneuver attempted.  Were extremely pleased. The CH-148 helicopter represents the next step in Sikorskys long planned extension of the S-92 helicopter into the H-92 helicopter product line. It is equipped with a fully digital, fly-by-wire system designed to improve significantly the aircrafts maneuverability, safety and effectiveness. The CH-148 helicopter further builds upon Sikorskys rugged S-92 helicopter, which meets the most demanding safety standards in North America and Europe.

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