2008-03-02 - Sikorsky X2Sikorsky unveils X2 Technology Demonstrator

Versuchshubschrauber von Sikorsky enthüllt<br /> Sikorsky unveiled its X2 Technology Demonstrator at the George R. Brown Convention Center at Heli-Expo 2008.

The X2 Technology Demonstrator is designed to demonstrate a helicopter can cruise comfortably at 250 knots, while retaining desirable helicopter attributes including excellent low speed handling, efficient hovering and autorotation safety, and a seamless and simple transition to high speed.
"The X2 Technology Demonstrator is an integrated suite of technologies intended to advance the state-of-the-art, counter-rotating coaxial rotor helicopter. As we continue to work to prove out and mature the technologies that will allow the X2 Technology Demonstrator to become a viable product, we are focused on testing its limits and finding out where this technology will take us," said Jeffrey P. Pino, Sikorsky President.
"This could be a 'game changer' in the industry. We are diligently pursuing this as a research project. We are testing the limits and pioneering this exciting innovation." Among the innovative technologies the X2 Technology Demonstrator employs are: Fly-by-wire flight controls; counter-rotating rigid rotor blades; hub drag reduction; active vibration control; integrated auxiliary propulsion system.
Peter Grant, Sikorsky Senior Manager of Advanced Programs, noted that the X2 Technology Demonstrator has continued to make progress toward first flight. "Throughout 2007, the aircraft made excellent additional build and subsystem test progress, re-entering vehicle ground testing in November 2007. Extensive test instrumentation is also being installed as preparation for its first flight," Grant said.

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