2008-06-01 - Small GEO orderSmall GEO mission - signature at ILA 2008

ESA genehmigt Small GEO Mission<br /> On 27 May, during the Berlin Air Show, ILA 2008 - ESA and Hispasat S.A. (Spain) signed a preliminary authorisation to proceed for the Small GEO Mission.

This will launch the initial activities of an industrial consortium led by Hispasat. The signing took place in the presence of representatives from the German Space Agency (DLR), the Spanish Delegation to ESA (CDTI) and OHB-System AG. The Small GEO Programme is aimed at the development of a small, general-purpose geostationary satellite platform, which will enable European industry to compete effectively in the commercial telecom market for small platforms.  To achieve this objective, ESA has established an element in its ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems) Programme. This element, known as ARTES 11, is divided into two parts. The first part covers the development of a platform supporting a payload mass of up to 300 kg, a payload power demand of up to 3 kW, and an operational lifetime of up to 15 years. The second part, the subject of the preliminary authorization to proceed that has just been signed, involves the development and launch of a Small GEO satellite and associated mission to provide flight qualification and in-orbit demonstration for the platform.
A consortium led by the German company OHB-System AG is developing the Small Geostationary Platform. Work started in March 2007. The core team of companies that is jointly developing and will later commercialise the platform includes, besides OHB-System AG and its Luxembourg subsidiary LuxSpace, the Swedish Space Corporation, Carlo Gavazzi Space (Italy), and Oerlikon (Switzerland). The platform development is proceeding according to plan. The definition phase has been completed and the detailed design, manufacturing and testing of the platform is about to start. To this end, the selection of the equipment suppliers for the main platform elements has been completed.

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