2008-11-24 - Small Geo contractSmall GEO Programme moves forward with contract-signing

Satellitenauftrag für OHB System AG<br /> Today the European Space Agency (ESA) has signed the Small GEO Platform and Small GEO Mission contracts with the respective industrial primes, namely: OHB- System AG (Germany) and Hispasat S.A.(Spain).

The contracts were signed in the presence of representatives of the German space agency (DLR), the Spanish Delegation to ESA (CDTI) and members of other Delegations participating in this programme. The Small GEO Programme aims to develop a general-purpose small geostationary satellite platform and subsequent mission which will enable European industry to play a significant role on the commercial telecommunications market for small platforms. To achieve this, ESA established an element within its Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) programme called ARTES 11 which is divided into two parts.
The first part involves the development of a Small Geostationary Platform capable of supporting a payload mass of up to 300kg, payload power of up to 3kW and a lifetime of up to 15 years. The second part involves the development and launch of a Small Geostationary Satellite and associated mission to provide flight qualification as well as in-orbit demonstration for the platform.
A consortium led by the German company OHB-System AG has been working on the preliminary development of the Small GEO Platform since March 2007. The core team of companies which is jointly developing the Platform and will subsequently commercialise it includes the Swedish Space Corporation (Sweden), Oerlikon (Switzerland) as well as OHB-System AG and its Luxembourg-based subsidiary LuxSpace. The definition phase has been completed, while the detailed design, manufacturing and testing phases have now been authorised by this contract-signing.

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