2007-09-30 - SOSTAR-X completedSOSTAR-X demonstrated capabilities to customers\' satisfaction

Radarprogramm erfolgreich abgeschlossen<br /> The European SOSTAR-X demonstrator, a programme for the development and testing of an advanced airborne ground surveillance radar system, showed its final proof of capabilities to representatives of the five participating nations. The programme has been performed under a R&amp;D contract based on a governmental MoU between France, Germany, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands.

After a preceeding flight test period of twelve months, industry performed acceptance flights under governmental supervision in May and June 2007. A Fokker 100, equipped with SOSTAR, demonstrated high performance across all of the system's capabilities (Surveillance, Analysis of Target Activity and Classification) and successfully passed the subsequent final acceptance review. France, being the hosting nation, on September 20th invited the other partners to witness the performance of SOSTAR-X achieved in the overall programme. During this event at a French test facility, emphasis was set on various presentations covering background and political aspects, programme details and technical achievements.
"This programme, originally conceived as a European response to the Alliance Ground Surveillance, provides high-resolution synthetic aperture radar imagery as well as precise ground moving target indication, tracking and classification" stated Lt. Col. Carlo Zammariello, the chairman of the SOSTAR Steering Committee. "The SOSTAR nations France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain do have now a next-generation Imaging SAR/MTI Radar available, with an active array antenna capable to perform simultaneously in different operating modes."
The highlight of the final presentation was a 2.5 hours flight in the afternoon, where senior representatives from both the nations and industry had the opportunity to witness the technical and operational performance of the SOSTAR demonstrator in real time.In parallel, industries presented their results and experts were ready to answer any question to mission and system performance as well as to programmatic aspects in a European team.

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