2007-09-09 - SOSTAR-X completedSOSTAR-X final acceptance review

Abschlussbericht zu SOSTAR-X<br /> The European SOSTAR-X (SX) programme for the development and testing of an advanced airborne ground surveillance radar demonstrator was completed. After industry and customer acceptance flights, the Final Acceptance Review was conducted end of July 2007.

The programme is being performed under a R&D contract awarded based on a government MoU between France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.
From May 2006 to June 2007, a Fokker 100, equipped with SOSTAR-X, carried out industrial flights over the Netherlands, Germany and France. Respective support was provided by nations in offering test areas with fixed and moving targets. During these flights, all system modes were tested.The first part of the industrial flights primarily focussed on optimising the functionalities of the radar sensor and mission management system. The second phase dealt with the progressive integration of real-time processing in the airborne system.
The SOSTAR-X mission is usually pre-planned on the ground however the system provides a realtime inflight replanning capability. The data collected from the missions are recorded for evaluation after flight. In parallel a data link allows for imagery to be down-linked in real time to Ground Stations for simultaneous observation on-ground. In June 2007, the system passed acceptance flights with great success. These flights took place in France to assess the final system performance. The SOSTAR-X system demonstrated extremely high performance across all of its capabilities: surveillance, analysis of target activity and classification.
"European defence industry is demonstrating a leading edge airborne ground surveillances system", stated Peter Angenoorth, General Manager of the SOSTAR GmbH, a company formed by major European defence industries. "We entered the final phase of the programme and we provided evidence of all radar system modes. European radar industries extended their capabilities to give answers and provide solutions to military requirements on an airborne ground surveillance system."

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