Swiss UAV shows its unmanned helicopters at ILA

Swiss UAV will be showcasing their UAV family at ILA in Berlin. It already demonstrated its NEO S-300 in the air at Airtec last November.

Swiss UAV NEO S-300 Wald

The Swiss UAV NEO S-300 will be shown at ILA in Berlin in June (Photo: Swiss UAV)  


The NEO S-300 is a medium sized unmanned aerial vehicle with a Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) of up to 85kg. It features a traditional main and tail rotor assembly giving full vertical take-off and landing capabilities. The UAV builds on enhanced carbon composite materials for its fuse-lage and a two-stage 15kW turbine propulsion.

The current NEO Series updates are equipped with a unique Vertical Parachute Rescue System fixed on top of the main rotor dome. It can be either launched manually upon flight termination or au¬tomatically in case of emergencies. This enhancement increases the overall safety, especially in civil scenarios.

The UAV has proven reliable flights in controlled civil airspace with a transponder based Sense & Avoid solution as part of the VUSIL II validation campaign both this and last year. Furthermore the NEO Series plays a crucial role in certification advancements both in Switzerland and Germany, the company says.

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