Vienna airport sees big decline in 2009

With a decline of 8.3% in the number of passengers for 2009, Flughafen Wien AG exceeded its own forecast. For 2010, it hopes to grow again. A total of 18,114,103 passengers were handled at Vienna International Airport during the past year.

The 18.1 million passengers handled in 2009 represent a year-on-year decline of 1.6 million. Passenger traffic to the Middle East rose by 5.7% over the previous year, while traffic to Eastern Europe was 15.1% lower. Vienna International Airport is also reporting minus 7.1% in maximum take-off weight (MTOW), minus 8.6% in flight movements and minus 5.2% in cargo (incl. trucking).

The low-cost carriers also represented a major driver for passenger traffic in the past year, transporting a total of 4,188,868 passengers (minus 9.0% vs. 2008). The leader among the low-cost carriers was NIKI with 1,663,381 passengers, followed by Air Berlin with 1,365,801. Eleven low-cost carriers serviced Vienna on a regular basis during 2009.

A total of 79 airlines included Vienna in their flight plans for travel to 187 scheduled destinations during 2009. The highest share of passengers in this traffic segment, which was responsible for 96.5% of the total volume at Vienna International Airport, was recorded by London with 440,154 passengers, followed by Frankfurt with 438,439 passengers and Zurich with 378,213 passengers.The ranking for Eastern Europe shows Moscow with 181,855 passengers, followed by Bucharest with 156,676 and Sofia with 121,347. The most passengers on long-haul flights were recorded by Bangkok with 110,455, followed by New York with 77,919 and Tokyo with 76,323.

"2009 was a difficult year for the aviation industry, and Vienna International Airport was unable to detach from these developments. We see good opportunities for long-term growth - and Vienna International Airport is well positioned to utilise these opportunities with an ideal geographic position as a hub to Eastern Europe and the Middle East, high-quality services, an attractive tariff model for airlines and guaranteed infrastructure capacity", commented Herbert Kaufmann, Speaker of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG.
Kosice Airport handled 352,428 passengers in 2009, for a decline of 40.4% in comparison with 2008. Malta Airport handled 2.9 million passengers during the past year, which reflects a decline of 6.1% from the 2008 level. Friedrichshafen Airport reported a year-on-year decrease of 11.0% to 578,475 passengers.

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