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Boeing AH-64 Apache

Type (Muster) Attack helicopter (Kampfhubschrauber)

Country (Land)
Manufacturer (Hersteller)
Boeing (Helicopters)
5000 East McDowell Road
Mesa, AZ 85215-9797
Phone: 001-602/891-2119
Fax: 001-602/891-5599
General (Allgemeine Angaben)
Crew (Besatzung): 2 in stepped tandem cockpits, with co-pilot/gunner in front and pilot behind

Weapons (Bewaffnung): The AH-64D features a flexible M230 Chain Gun 30-mm cannon under the fuselage, with a maximum ammunition load of up to 1200 rounds. Four underwing hardpoints are available for loads like
    * 16 x Hellfire/Hellfire 2 anti-tank missiles
    * 76 x 2.75 in (70 mm) rockets
A planned modification adds another two hardpoints at the wingtips for up to four Stinger, Mistral or Shorts Starstreak air-to-air missiles or two Sidewinders.

Power plant (Antrieb): 2 x General Electric T700-GE-701C turboshafts
Power (Leistung): 2 x 1238 kW (1660 shp) maximum continuous, 1342 kW (1800 shp) for 30 minutes, 1409 kW (1890 shp) for ten minutes and 1447 kW (1940 shp) for 2,5 minutes emergency with one engine inoperative

Dimensions (Abmessungen)
Fuselage length (Rumpflänge): 15,47 m
Length overall, rotor turning (Länge über drehende Rotoren): 17,76 m
Height (Höhe): 4,95 m over radar
Wing span (Spannweite): 5,79 m over wingtip missile pods
Main rotor diameter (Hauptrotordurchmesser): 14,63 m
Tail-rotor diameter (Heckrotordurchmesser): 2,79 m
Main rotor disk (Hauptrotorfläche): 168,1 sq m
Tail rotor disk area (Heckrotorkreisfläche): 6,13 sq m

Weights (Massen)
Empty weight (Leermasse): 5352 kg with Longbow radar fitted
Usable fuel (Kraftstoff): 1421 litres in two fuselage cells, plus 4 x 870 litres in external tanks
Primary mission gross weight (Missionsmasse): 7480 kg
Design mission gross weight: 8006 kg
Max. take-off weight (Max. Startmasse): 10432 kg with full fuel, ferry mission

Performance (Flugleistungen)
Max. cruise speed (Max. Reisegeschwindigkeit): 265 km/h at sea level, 250 km/h on hot day at 1220 m
Max. rate of climb (max. Steigrate): 12,26 m/s at sea level
Max. vertikal rate of climb (max. vertikale Steigrate): 7,5 m/s at sea level, or 5,9 m/s at 1220 m on a hot day
Service ceiling (Dienstgipfelhöhe): 5915 m (19400 ft)
Hovering ceiling (Schwebeflughöhe)
    - out of ground effect (ohne Bodeneffekt): 2890 m at 7530 kg, standard day or 1935 m on a hot day (35 deg C)
    - in ground effect (im Bodeneffekt): 4170 m at 7530 kg, standard day or 2975 m on a hot day (35 deg C)
Maximum range (max. Reichweite): 407 km with standard tanks, 30 min reserve
Ferry range (Überführungsreichweite): 1900 km with external tanks, 45 min reserves
Self deployment (Reichweite bei Verlegung): 1650 km with four external tanks, gun (300 rounds) and four AAMs
Combat radius (Einsatzradius):
    - 533 km for peace keeping mission
    - 392 km for recce mission
    - 237 km for multi-role mission with 8 Hellfire, 38 rockets and four AAMs
Endurance (Einsatzdauer): 2 h 44 min on internal fuel or 8 h on internal and external fuel
g-limits: +3.5/-0.5 at low altitude and speed up to 300 km/h

Technische Daten
Modell Boeing AH-64 Apache
Hersteller Boeing
Land Vereinigte Staaten (USA)
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